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Jono Lester – Stag Roar Podcast Ep299

Jono was a recent guest on episode #299 of the Stag Roar podcast, sitting down with Ryan O’Connor at his home in Taupō for a deep dive into:

  • motorsport (of course)
  • future ambitions with FHK Racing (AEDIFICE)
  • the bliss of running in nature
  • mental health struggles…
  • …and how it led to a plant-based lifestyle
  • how outlooks have changed in a post-pandemic world
  • why Jono really want to adopt a rescue pup
  • and the secret growth hack to make you taller for your Tinder bio

Find it at https://stagroar.co.nz, on your usual podcast apps or watch the video version on both Spotify and YouTube