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Jono Lester at Khongsitta Muai Thai in Bangkok

Muay Thai training is all arms and legs

I’ve arrived a little early for the Thailand Super Series finale, and am having a blast immersing myself in Thai culture once more with the delicious food, captivating sights and abundant wildlife.

I’m always up for trying new things, particularly when it comes to my fitness training; so it was a top priority to give Muay Thai a go and see what I thought of this explosive, high adrenaline kickboxing discipline.

I’ve thrown hands before (boxing has been a part of my regiment at various stages throughout my life but incorporating elbows, knees and various kicks had my brain and body working overtime in the thick 30+ degree Bangkok heat.

The verdict? Incredible. I’ll certainly be incoporating some Muay Thai into my training when I relocate to Asia full-time in 2019.

Thanks to the Khongsitta Muay Thai family for the experience, and for giving me one hell of a workout!