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Make-A-Wish Hot Laps in the Cuesko Westfield

I joined my personal sponsors, Cuesko Limited, for a track day at Hampton Downs this week. It was a brilliant day out on the race track, the skid pan and the go karts, as well as being a special opportunity to make a dream come true for a brave young race fan named Franky.

Franky has had a tough go of it, in and out of Starship for much of his young life. The Make-A-Wish Foundation reached out to me with Franky’s story, and how he’s a petrolhead who’s always telling his mum to ‘go faster’ on the Auckland motorway!

It just so happened that Cuesko have a cool little Westfield sportscar stored at Hampton Downs, and they happily obliged when I put the idea to them that we give Franky some hot laps to feel the thrill of being in a race car, at speeds approaching 200km/h!

It would have the be the first – and probably only – hot lap I’ll ever do with a full-sized booster seat alongside me!

Once we made some adjustments to fit little Franky comfortably and safely in the car, out we went for three high speed laps and the smile on his face when we arrived back in the pits was unmistakeable.

I look forward to hosting Franky and his family at my next race in New Zealand, also at Hampton Downs, next weekend.

Thanks to Cuesko, Make-A-Wish and WeAreTenzing for helping to make Franky’s wish come true. All content captured using the Sony FDR-X3000 4K Action Cam.