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BET is all in the eyes ?

What is BET?

Even I struggle to explain the science behind it, but what matters to me is that it works.

Since 2015, I’ve been working with the team from SOMA – the World Leaders in Neuro Performance Training for athletes in all sports, be they with a ball, a fist or in my case…a steering wheel.

There’s only so much a racing driver can do in the gym in a physical sense, because nothing directly correlates to driving like actually driving. Of course, we can’t be out on the track day in day out, practicing our craft. As nice as that would be, it’s too expensive and totally impractical.

But there’s much more to gain from the body than just the muscles and your V02 max score, and that’s where neuro comes in. The real key to performance is all in the eyes, the brain, and an athlete’s vestibular system.

Nobody explains it better than Grant from SOMA:

“Performance neurology is the study and practice of improving brain function to achieve a higher level of performance. In particular this applies to athletes who are already at the top of their game. For some to gain the edge required to be at their very top potential, it is necessary to turn to the part of the body that has usually been overlooked in the first place.”

“When it comes to high performance, the brain must be a high performer in order for the body to be.”

Performance neurology in practice is like a kind of restructure for an athlete. Building a better foundation to get more from what they can already do.

“Speed, strength, decision-making, sport specific skills, agility, vision, fluidity of movement, everything can find a new peak when the messages from the brain are clear, accurate and fast.”

“Pain and reoccurring injury are also addressed in performance neurology. Getting to the actual source of the issue can rehabilitate athletes that are hindered by injuries in any degree.”

Read more in Grant’s LinkedIn post on Performance Neurology here.

Over the past four years, I’ve been a part of the progression from mostly manual stimuli into what’s now a fully digital, app-based training programme, which I use in the gym, at home and at the race track on both an iPad and a smartphone.

The breakthroughs in my focus, reactions, consistency and performance have been insane. I’ve also completely rid myself of recurring back problems and niggling injuries that have plagued me since 2007. Neuro is worth 10x what any gains in the gym will give you. 100x even.

Check out the video below for the previous version of SOMA, named #BeFirst, in action:

If you’re an athlete or coach, or just want to try SOMA out for yourself, visit the website here.